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Installation of VRV systems

Installation of VRV systems
  • Installation of VRV systems

ultizonalny central airs favourably differ from Split of central airs. The main advantage is at a large number of internal blocks, we are connected to one external block. By means of multizone central airs it is possible to serve such objects as big cottages, office centers, shopping centers, office and residential buildings. Performance of central airs on the basis of multizone systems provides implementation of the project or working documentation, attentive calculation and selection. Also installation of multizone systems differs from installation usual a Split systems in existence of the soldering of freon pipelines. Also internal blocks can be various type (the type of the internal block for each of rooms is coordinated with the customer and is selected depending on design and design features of the room) - wall, channel, cassette, universal (floor and ceiling). Installation of multizone central air consists of the following stages:

  1. Installation of freon highways - installation of freonoprovod is carried out strictly the project or working documentation. After laying of all copper pipelines in system refneta - special distributors of freon are sealed. Together with freon pipelines are laid alarm and power interblock a cable.
  2. Check of freonoprovod - after the soldering of refnet it is necessary to check all freon contour for tightness. For this purpose the system is girdled and in a contour nitrogen under a high pressure is pumped. In such state the system stands idle about two weeks. First, if in system there are thinnesses and openings - characteristic whistle facilitates their search, and secondly, in two weeks if nitrogen pressure did not fall in system, the contour means it is executed hermetically.
  3. Installation of drainage system - for removal of condensate from internal blocks needs to be provided a supply of drainage pipelines. The drainage can be taken away or in the existing system of the sewerage (it is obligatory through a siphon), or in storm system of the sewerage. In places of connection of a drainage and installation of siphons it is recommended to install auditing hatches.
  4. Installation of internal blocks - depending on type of internal blocks, their installation can differ. Wall and floor and ceiling internal blocks are mounted directly on a room wall, and channel and cassette blocks in a zone of zapotolochny space.
  5. Installation of the external block - depending on the specification and the made decision the external block can be mounted as on an object roof, and at ground level. At installation of the external block it is necessary to provide an assembly site - specially prepared base on the vibroextinguishing basis.
  6. Rolling of freon pipelines - after installation internal and the external block happens connection of freon pipelines to blocks. Along with it all are connected alarm, information and power a cable.
  7. Pumping out of system - after connection of all blocks system is double-checked on tightness, by means of pumping of air from pipelines this time.
  8. Refueling by freon - usually factory filling with freon is not enough what the system effectively would work, on it to be made the special calculation depending on the extent of all freonoprovod and in system the necessary additional amount of gas downloads.
  9. Balancing and commissioning - trial start of system, testing, control and debugging of working central air.
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